United States

Hulu UK launch postpones until 2010

Hulu, US-based free video on demand service, which was expected to be launched by September 2009, is now not expected to be launched in Britain until 2010.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Hulu. com is yet to hit a deal with the UK broadcasters. But the article also indicated that it is closest to hitting a non-exclusive deal with ITV, in return for some equity in the company.

Hulu has been pursuing discussions with BBC Worldwide, ITV and Channel 4, since the competition commission blocked the Project Kangaroo in February 2009.

Facebook, Huffington Post launch news sharing platform “HuffPost Social News”

In a concept quite similar to the last year launch of The New York Times' sharing service TimesPeople, Facebook and noninterventionist news channel The Huffington Post have teamed up and launched the "HuffPost Social News" - a platform that would facilitate the sharing of news stories by users and their friends, on the social network.