Spanish electric scooter brand “Silence” opens UK flagship store in Birmingham

Spanish electric scooter brand “Silence” opens UK flagship store in Birmingham

Barcelona, Spain-headquartered two-wheeler manufacturer Silence, which boasts specialization in e-Moto scooters, has announced the opening of its first store in the United Kingdom.

Spain’s wind-energy sector struggling since withdrawal of govt. support

Spain's wind-energy sector, which flourished a lot in the 1990s, has been struggling to survive since the government withdrew its support.

Reeling under banking and property crises, the Spanish government abruptly pulled the plug on its support for wind energy sector in 2012. In the same year, Spain had to seek a bailout package of 41 billion euros from the European Union (EU).

Spanish police arrests 10 people involved in “ransomware” ring

Spanish police on Wednesday arrested 10 people allegedly involved in a massive "ransomware" ring, as the European police agency Europol claimed that it had dismantled cybercrime organization that had been running the cybercrime.

According to the European Cybercrime Centre, the ransomware ring affected tens of thousands of computers around the world and generated more than _1 million (around $1.34m) per year for the operators.

Euro slips due to political uncertainty in Spain and Italy

Following Monday's drop, the euro tumbled once again against major currencies of the world on Tuesday due to political uncertainty in Italy and Spain.

The 17-nation currency dropped against the Japanese Yen and the US dollar in Tokyo. The euro slipped 0.2 per cent to 124.55 Yen as of 12:34 p. m. in Tokyo. Yesterday, the euro had tumbled 1.4 per cent, the most since 25th of June. It declined 0.2 per cent at US$1.3490.

The Japanese currency remained little changed at US$92.35, following yesterday's falling to as low as 93.18 a dollar.

Huawei unveils its new Ascend D Quad handset

The eve of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain, on Sunday witnessed the China-based telecoms biggie Huawei's unveiling of its newest offering in the smartphone arena --- the Huawei Ascend D Quad handset.

According to Richard Yu, manager of Huawei's devices division, the new Ascend D Quad will not only boast a notably bigger and sharper screen than the iPhone 4S, but will also have two times the processing power of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and other comparable handsets presently available in the market.

Spain’s First National Siesta Championship Under Way

The first national siesta championship of Spain is going on in the entrance hall of a Madrid shopping centre.

The competition is all about finding the best napper and to again start the tradition of taking a catnap after having lunch.

Five participants those who have taken part in the championship are snoozing.

A 20-year-old student named Hugo dozed off as soon as he lay down on the blue sofa. Just close to Hugo is a 45-year-old woman who is also in sound sleep.

Several other people are waiting for their turn in a bid to win the championship.