South Africa

Operation Smile and the RE Foundation Gets Recognised by HPCSA

The Operation Smile and the RE Foundation is being paid a homage by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for the wonderful work that they have done in the past few days.

According to an HPCSA release, it was observed that both the organizations have used their time and skills altruistically. They carried out a number of operations free of cost and have been devoted in offering good quality healthcare in this nation.

ANC’s Discussion Paper might Help in Repairing the Health System

This week, the ANC's discussion document on a national health insurance (NHI) was disclosed at the party's national general council.

The document includes some information that can help restore the beleaguered public health system.

Experts said that it shows that ANC's take on NHI was progressing.

Meanwhile, Alex van den Heever, a health and policy analyst has expressed that the discussion document has not altered to what it is in the present public healthcare.

Clapham House Has New Ventures

A deal has been struck between Clapham House and Nando's Group Holdings and its private equity owner Capricorn Ventures International, as per which the chicken-focused fast-food chain will take hold the 53 GBK and six Real Greek sites.

This sale agreement is said to have given rise to various new ventures as well. According to speculations, this summer Clapham House had made several efforts to convince Capricorn to elevate its offer price.

Mental Disorders Prevalent Among HIV/AIDS Patients

The sickness makes people land into stressful conditions due to concerns, anxiety, pain and certain disabilities related to the disease.

But, many people must be unaware of the fact that tress weakens the immune system and dampens its ability to struggle with viruses. Similarly, a lethal infection like HIV leaves the patient with mental anguish.

People affected with HIV/AIDS, who already have a weakened immune system, are recommended to keep off stress, so as they can cope up with their living, family and personal relationships.

Investec thinking over sale of Rensburg

The South African based Investec expressed that it may sell of it's the fund management wing to its British unit Rensburg Sheppards, quoting interest from the number of latent buyers.

Investec has been augmenting its asset management business, and in the month of March it might buy the left over shares of investment manager Rensburg Sheppards, in which they had already made the stake.

The Investec group expressed that it may sell Rensburg unit Rensburg Fund Management, and had employed Fenchurch Advisory Partners to suggest on the potential deal.

Orascom Telecom Undergoing Discussions about Sale of its African Assets

It has been reported that Egypt's Orascom Telecom is still discussing about the sale of its African assets. They still have expectations for a possible deal after unsuccessful talks with South Africa's MTN.

MTN had been in negotiations to acquire some or all of Orascom's operations. If all the assets of Egyptian firms were to be included, this deal could have created the world's third-largest mobile operator. After the Government of Algeria refused to let Orascom sell its profitable unit Djezzy, the talks collapsed.