South Africa

South Africa’s Baragwanath Hospital Welcomes Conjoined Twins

A set of conjoined twins was recently delivered at South Africa's Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital-the largest hospital in the world. The babies, who are joined at the chest and abdomen, are currently residing in the hospital's intensive-care neonatal ward.

Sewage May Reduce SA Water Quality and Affect Bathers’ Health

The Blue Flag certification, which is awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education nonprofit NGO, indicates that compliance with standards for water quality, safety, environmental education and information. Blue Flag in South Africa, which is charged with ensuring that the country's Blue Flag beaches operate in line with Blue Flag international standards, reports that poor waste water management systems may have contributed to the deterioration in water quality over the last 10 years.

From Cape Town to Christchurch, Movember Raises Funds and Awareness

The last few years have seen the penultimate month of the year take on a new significance. What is now being called `Movember' is a month-long awareness- and fundraising event, targeting men's health in general, and prostate cancer and depression in specific.

The campaign is intended to bring these topics out into the open, to get men to talk about health issues, and by extension, to encourage screening and early detection.

South Africa Reeling Under High HIV Prevalence

In a piece of information which would come as a shock to people, it has been estimated that almost 30% pregnant women in South Africa were HIV-positive. The shocking statistics were announced by the Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi yesterday, during the National Consultative Health Forum being held in Johannesburg.

The figure has continued to be the same, since the past four years and is one of the biggest threats to the development and national health of the Country.

South African Nurses Organisation Condemns Recent Theft and Fraud

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (Denosa) has announced theft of medicine worth R200,000 by 12 nurses. This is compounded by the substantial health challenges already faced by the Eastern Cape.

The 12 nurses were allegedly selling off schedule 5 drugs to private practitioners or relatives. A larger probe into fraud and corruption will see another 23 department officials arrested. This is a blow to the department, which spends a large amount of its budget on medicines but receives regular complaints that hospitals or clinics are out of stock of particular drugs.

G8 Nations to Meet in New York to Discuss Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria

Next week in New York, the G8 nations will hold a meeting to discuss how much money should be earmarked for the Global Fund to deal with AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria.

According to activists and NGOs, around $20 billion grant is required to uphold the present programs. It is estimated that this time the nations will contribute less as compared to last time.