Dengue Situation Alarming in Philippines, Yet Nothing to Panic About

Though, the number of reported dengue cases has been on an alarmingly steady rise, yet according to the authorities responsible, there was no need to sound the sirens as things were under control.

The Department of Health, Philippines has asked people not to worry and to maintain hygiene as the dengue outbreak won’t reach epidemic proportions and would be kept in control. The cases of dengue that have been reported have been from a particular place, and not all over the Country of Philippines. Quezon City is the only place, where the dengue cases have been reported.

PhilRice to Conduct Field Tests for Rice Varieties

According to an official statement, field tests for the varieties of rice that contain beta-carotene will be conducted by the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) in the dry season next year.

"To be transferred to farmers by 2013, the beta-carotene-laden rice can be grown organically and will be sold at a price comparable with the regular polished rice”, PhilRice said.

It also said that our body requires vitamin A and a cup of pro-beta-carotene rice could provide half of vitamin A needed by body every day.

Singapore and Philippines Government Grant Airlines

From the recent reports it was seen that Singapore and Philippines carriers had an official contract to increase the flights between the two countries.

On Thursday, a meeting was held and the two governments planned to give airlines on each side up to 14 more flights a week between Singapore and Manila.

It was noted that the carriers would also have greater access to other Philippine cities which included Clark, Cebu and Davao.

It was told by the experts that the flights should offer better choices and low fares for consumers.