Google Street View scales the height of Eiffel Tower

The Street View service of the Internet search giant Google has introduced a collection of 360-degree photographs of the Eiffel Tower, enabling users to have a close, immersive look at the iconic monument.

Google Street View made use of its specifically designed trolleys - a push-cart equipped with a massive camera - to travel from one floor to another to capture the 360-degree images of the at 1,063-foot high tower as well as Paris.

N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg launches bike share program

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Monday formally launched one of the world's biggest bike share programs allowing people to rent bikes to go around the Big Apple.

In the first phase of the network, six thousand blue "Citi Bikes" have been distributed among a total of 333 stations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Gradually, the network will be expanded to 10,000 bikes at nearly 600 stations.

Nearly 14,000 New Yorkers have reportedly already paid an annual subscription fee of $103 to get entitled to unlimited rides of 45 minutes.

Hyundai Unveils 4 New Models in Paris

Hyundai Motor Company is reported to have unveiled four new models to be launched in Europe at the 2010 Paris Auto Salon. Among the four models, two are claimed to be world premieres.

In the category of engines equipped in the Blue Drive models, include Hyundai's new downsized 51kW/94Nm 1.0 litre Kappa petrol engine and the 1.7 litre U2 diesel engine. Both the powerful engines boast of its dependence on high-performance engine oil used in a view to lower driveline friction.

Electric Scooters by BMW, Daimler Stolen the Paris Show

It was the electric scooters by BMW AG's Mini and Daimler AG's Smart, which happened to steal away the show on Thursday, at the Paris Motor Show.

The displayed were just the design concepts which according to Executives of both the Companies, will only be made after the public reaction has been caught.

Thomas Weber, research and development member of Daimler's management board said," It's a very attractive concept for us. This is a huge market".

Renault’s Latitude to be Unveiled in Paris

The Renault's new high-class, Latitude will make its European debut at the Paris motor show in September.

The flagship Renault is larger than the Laguna and is devised to place comfort, convenience and class at the pinnacle of the agenda.

It is equipped with triple-zone air-conditioning, a relaxing driver's seat, a Bose stereo system and hands-free entry along with engine start.

Kerviel to Appear in Paris Court for Trial on his Involvement in Business Failure

Accused businessman Jerome Kerviel will be appearing before a Paris court on Tuesday, wherein the judges will be scrutinizing his involvement in a business failure worth 4.9 billion-euro in 2008, which had pushed Societe Generale, the French Bank, to bankruptcy.

The prosecution will stimulate the struggle of the bank in re-gaining the support of the customers in the wake of the volatile economic situation around.