Most Popular Card Games on Indian Online Casino

Most Popular Card Games on Indian Online Casino

Indians have been interested in playing card games from times immemorial and with fast-changing technology, social media and internet communication, card games have advanced to apps and online plat

Nissan re-launches its Datsun brand; unveils ‘Datsun Go’ in India

Re-launching the popular, fuel-efficient Datsun brand of the 1970s, automaker Nissan – which had discontinued the brand over 30 years back – has unveiled a new Datsun model in India.

The new Datsun model – dubbed ‘Datsun Go’ – will be launched in India next year; with a number of other Datsun-branded models to be later launched in Russia, South Africa, and Indonesia.

IBM plans to invest $1 billion in Flash R&D

Foreseeing a large potential in Flash storage, IBM on Thursday announced its plans to invest $1 billion in Flash research and development.

Increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets has lead to an unprecedented rise in demand for storage over the past few years, and IBM sees a solution in Flash memory that is capable of processing the data faster, more reliably, while consuming less energy than a hard disk drive (HDD).

YouTube reaches to 1 billion monthly users

Google Inc's video-sharing site YouTube has announced that the number of unique users visiting it every month has cross 1 billion.

Announcing the new milestone, the YouTube team said that nearly half of all Internet users are visiting YouTube every month to watch everything from small clips of cute puppies to depressing scenes of social unrest around the globe.

In other words, 1 in every 7 people on the plant or 14.7 per cent of the whole world population is visiting YouTube every month.

Mercedes Benz India supports SIAM’s position on Indo-EU FTA in auto sector

The Indian arm of German luxury auto giant Mercedes Benz has declared that it supports industry body Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers' (SIAM's) position on not including automobile sector in the proposed free trade agreement (FTA) with European Union.

Mercedes Benz India said it might opt to make its Chakan-based facility as an export destination in case the proposed FTA with European Union takes effect for the automobile sector.

Abortions in India are unchecked

India is experiencing a rise in abortions despite the law becoming stringent and to top it all these abortions are unsafe.

The percentage of unsafe abortions was 66 out of the total number of abortions recorded in 2008.

The central and south Asia recorded about 10.5 million abortions and out of these about 6.5 million had taken place in India.

While doing abortions, women died and the total number of women who died in one lakh abortions was 200. The World Health Organization alongwith New York's Guttmacher Institute released these figures.