Google Android OS 3.5 named as Honeycomb

Samsung hinted of the new name given to the latest offering to Android based OS in a presentation by the mobile communications president at IFA 2010 in Germany.

The president, J. K. Shin said that tablets will make use of Honeycomb, also known as Android OS 3.5. The Korean maker is planning to release a number of models in the forthcoming year, including the 10-inch models - and Gingerbread or Froyo.

Merkel and Sarkozy say the bank tax must go ahead

Both, the President of France Nicolas Sarkozy and the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, have called for a financial transaction tax and a global bank levy. Before a summit in G20, which is to be held later this month, both the leaders would call for these issues by writing a joint letter to the president of G20.

The Finance Ministers of G20 had shown their interest to cut the bank taxes earlier this month.

Silica refinery grabs interest

According to the Tasmanian Treasurer, Michael Aird there is someone else as well in the queue that seems to be interested in establishing the silica refinery in the state's of north-west.

Further moving into detail, Mr Aird voiced that he travelled to Europe the previous year to meet few of the representatives from a German firm to discuss a $400,000 investment proposal.

If the proposal becomes successful then the said project may harness more than 400 jobs.

In the parliament, Mr Aird expressed his views that he is pretty optimistic on the said matter.

Germany Wins Eurovision Song Contest after decades

Fireworks, street parties and a frenzied revelry, normally reserved for World Cup soccer victories, was today used to celebrate Germany’s first ever win in three decades in the Eurovision Song Contest. Over 100 million people across Europe glued their eyes on television, to watch this live competition; wherein teenager named Lena acquired an improbable triumph over 24 other finalists and helped to end Germany's long losing streak.

A Turn Over in Merkel’s Reputation Globally

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, 55, was named World's most influential and powerful woman for the fourth year in a row, by Forbes magazine, nine months ago. She became Germany's first female chancellor in 2005 by winning elections in Europe's economic powerhouse.

Germany to Criminally Investigate the Google’s Data Collection for its Street View Archive

A criminal investigation has been launched by prosecutors in Hamburg against Google on Wednesday. This is related to the issue of collecting private Internet data by Google from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in Germany.

This legal action can prove trouble for the Google’s German headquarters, as the company will be forced to turn over one of the hard drive that was used in data-gathering procedure.