Vodafone Launches its Operating Billing System in Europe

Vodafone had launched the first ever operator billing for Android market in Europe, which can be accessed by the users in the UK and Germany. The users of the Android application on Vodafone will be able to transfer their App market purchases to their phone bills, instead of paying out through credit cards.

As per Vodafone, "In addition to facilitating the best possible user experience, Vodafone operator billing extends your reach to the large number of app buying customers who are unwilling or unable to use credit cards. In some countries this can be more than 90% of the market”.

Ecclestone backs Williams F1 flotation

Formula One star Bernie Ecclestone disposed of his support behind the Williams team’s strategies of floating on the stock market. An announcement was made by Williams F1 last Wednesday regarding launching an initial public offering (IPO) of nearly 30% of its shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

The company is giving away most of its co-founder Patrick Head's stake for a value of from around £20 to £24 per share, placing Williams Grand Prix Holdings to a value of around £225 million.

Scientists move a step closer to build quantum computer

A team of scientists from the UK, Germany, Canada and Japan, moved a step closer to build a solid-state quantum computer by successfully entangling 10 billion pairs of quantum bits in silicon for the first time.

Oxford University scientist John Morton, who led the study, described the research as a breakthrough and said that now they would have to meet the challenge of coupling pairs of quantum bits to create a scalable quantum computer in silicon.

Dabigatran as Effective as Warfarin in Preventing Stroke in AF Patients

A new study came out on Monday has revealed that new anticoagulant dabigatran proves as effective as warfarin in preventing stroke in atrial fibrillation and does not pose threat of higher bleeding.

The findings of the study, which was backed by Boehringer Ingelheim appeared online in The Lancet Neurology on November 8. The research was led by Hans-Christoph Diener, M. D., of the University Hospital Essen in Germany and colleagues. The team studied data from a subgroup of patients, who took part in the Randomised Evaluation of Long-Term Anticoagulation Therapy trial.

DAX Witnesses an Increase as Deutsche Post Reports more than Expected Profits

Stocks in the German market saw a marked increase in valuations, which led to the index DAX reaching a two-year high. The share prices for Deutsche Post AG also rallied to witness an increase of 3.2%, after the largest postal service in Europe earned more than the expected revenues.

However, Qiagen saw its share prices falling by 6.2%, after its revenue saw a massive decline in earnings. The index, DAX witnessed a rise of 0.6% to end at 6,791.77 at 11:56A. M in Frankfurt. The other index, HDAX also reported a similar increase of 0.6% today.

Merkel shoves E.U. Treaty Alteration

Following eight years of backbiting over the most recent redraft of the European Union's convoluted treaty, the most recent thing the majority of its 27 countries wish is to perform the similar thing once more.

The query is whether they provoke inform that to the German chancellor. Mrs. Merkel, with the backing of Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, has insist modifications to the Lisbon Treaty, that approached into power less than a year back, to fortify administration of the euro.