Humans behind CO2 increase, says France

Humans and their activities are the culprits who lead to increase in carbon dioxide levels in earth's atmosphere. This is what France says and believes said the government.

In a 21-page report that was published showed that global climate has changed because of various factors from 1975-2003. This has led to rise in average global temperature and humans are to be targeted for that.

CO2 rise is behind this mayhem. The report said, "Solar activity, which has slightly decreased on average since 1975, cannot be dominant in the observed warming during this period".

Bin Laden does not understand French culture

What makes it more sure that Bin Laden has very little understanding of France and its social landscape , is a video tape that he released some time back. In it he had targeting France because of its ban on burqa. It is almost certain that his behavior will be spreading more misunderstanding in the whole nation and makes the matters worse in the already tensed environment.

A lot of hot and cold relationship has been shared by the French government with the people of the nation especially Muslims. And these kids of tapes are not going to solve anything.

French policy creator sways word of caution

France's auto industry confronts an unwelcoming viewpoint in anticipation of as a minimum in the early hours 2011 and restricted establishments should arrange to assist stressed providers, policymakers swayed a warning in a letter in print in Sunday paper Le Journal du Dimanche. The communication was signed by Christine Lagarde French Economy Minister, Christian Estrosi the Industry Minister and Laurent Wauquiez Junior Employment Minister, the newspaper expressed.

French learns fundamental to moderate arts edification

Myth has it that King Louis XV of France or, much expected, his well-known mistress Madame de Pompadour termed the phrase, "Après moi le déluge," which means exactly, "after me, the flood," that wa

French group purchases 100 percent of privileges to construct third Oswego County nuclear yard

A French government-controlled group is purchasing 100 percent of the progression privileges for a latent third nuclear plant at Nine Mile Point base in Oswego County.

EDF or Electricite de France SA which is a efficacy, 85 percent controlled by the French government, this week declared that it might purchase Constellation Energy Group's 50 percent gain in nuclear expansion group, Unistar. Previous to the $140 million takeover, EDF had controlled half of Unistar, a group formed in 2005 to construct latest nuclear plants.

French successor in place of Paul the Octopus

The very renowned Paul the Octopus, who is no longer with us, on Tuesday subsequent to the attainment of the worldwide legend for perfectly forecasting eight World Cup championship matches during this summer, is to be restored by a latest French Paul in Oberhausen at the Sea Life centre.

The descendant, born close to the French city of Montpellier, is to keep hold of the name Paul and shall be bring in to the public and the tank and next week.