About Channel swimmers, French goes numb

Captain Matthew Webb relayed on pork and meat pies to put him through much more civilized, and British, kind of sustenance than the nutrient gels preferential by current brand of aquatic masochist.

Whichever way, swimming across the English Channel is no worry. High waves, fog, jellyfish and the incapacitating effects of extended -term fascination in cold water creates it as much of a test as ever. And currently there is one more obstacle and that's the French.

For Lebanon, Kouchner relays on French support

Bernard Kouchner France's Foreign Minister came in Beirut on Friday for a 2 day visit, carrying a letter of back up to Lebanon and President Michel Sleiman.

Kouchner and an escorted delegation, whose stopover correspond with continuing tension regarding the UN-backed examination into earlier Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's killing, get together with Sleiman at Baabda Palace,

By French media, Chinese president's state visit well captured

French media on Friday stated out highly of Chinese President Hu Jintao's coming visit to the European nations, stating out that that it shall increase bilateral relations and assistance.

Lot of local media captured the heartily welcome Hu got on his arrival, along with the Le Figaro newspaper stating that Paris is very over whelmed to get the Chinese president on the initial leg of his European tour which opens a fresh chapter for the relations amongst the 2 nations.

Debate over ''Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation''

In a recent debate on BBC One's Question Time, the Liberal Democrat has made some interesting remarks over the defence treaties. The British and French governments have signed some new defence treaties earlier this week. British Prime Minister David Cameron and the President of France Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy have signed a ''Declaration on Defence and Security Co-operation'' on Tuesday.

Anti-nuclear protesters block French nuclear waste train

It has been informed that the anti-nuclear protesters have blocked a train which was carrying nuclear waste. The incident took place in northwestern France on Friday. The protesters have chained themselves to the railroad tracks.

As per the local police, the protesters have blocked the railway track completely on which the train was travelling. City police Capt. Maurice Bonnefond has also issued a statement on this issue.

Greek police destroy parcel bomb sent to French Embassy

Greek police had been able to destroy a parcel bomb sent to French Embassy in Athens. On 4th of November, Thursday a parcel bomb was detected which was addressed to the French Embassy in the country.

The country police was been able to defuse the bomb in a controlled collision. The issue of concern is that since Monday above dozen parcel bombs have been defused by the police.

All the parcels were addressed to the international organisations and embassies in the country. In such situation the postal authorities have decided to stop the international airmail service.