US software developer caught outsourcing his job to Chinese developers

Security auditors of a US critical infrastructure firm were alarmed when they spotted frequent unexplained logins from China into the company's virtual private network.

The first thought that struck their minds was that a Chinese hacker was breaking into the company's network almost daily by using an employee's RSA key.

Fearing that a hacker from China had been stealing the company's secrets worth millions of dollars, the critical infrastructure company immediately called in Verizon investigators.

China Labor Watch Advises Samsung on Underage Worker Investigation

In an email follow-up to its recent report on the apparent exploitation of workers at the Samsung Electronics' China-based parts supplier HEG Electronics, watchdog group China Labor Watch (CLW) has offered Samsung some advice on how to effectively conduct its investigation at the Chinese facility.

China's first manual space docking successful

In what marks the first of its kind attempt in China's history of space exploration, the manual docking between the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft and the in-orbit Tiangong-1 lab module was successfully completed by three Chinese astronauts on Sunday.

It was at about 12:48 p. m. that the three Chinese astronauts - Liu Wang, Jing Haipeng, and Liu Yang; who have been living and working in the module for the past week - controlled the Shenzhou-9 spacecraft for its manual docking with the Tiangong-1 space lab module; and the two were reconnected about seven minutes later.

Foxconn auditor finds ‘serious’ violations of Chinese labor laws

In its audit report of Apple's Chinese supplier Foxconn Technology Group, the Fair Labor Association (FLA) said that Chinese labor laws had been violated by Foxconn to such a "serious" extent that the company had pledged that it would not only reduce working hours, but will also provide more oversight to the workers.

Apple's China legal scuffle over ‘iPad’ trademark spreads to US

In a move which marks the spread of the China ‘iPad’ trademark scuffle to the US, two Proview International Holdings’ units - Proview Electronics and Proview Technology – filed a lawsuit against Apple in Santa Clara County last week.

In the lawsuit filed in California, Proview Technology – which is already suing Apple in several jurisdictions in China, seeking a ban on the sales of the iPad across the country – has accused Apple of having deceptively acquired the iPad trademark for use in China.

Chinese company sues Apple over iPad name in Shanghai

According to reports, Chinese company Shenzhen Proview Technology has taken the legal route against Apple, by complaining to a Shanghai court that it has the rights to the `iPad' trademark in China.

While Shanghai's Pudong district court has convened a hearing on the issue on Wednesday, Proview has already filed lawsuits against Apple in a number of other courts too; and has also requested commercial authorities to block the sales of the popular Apple iPad tablet in as many as 40 cities.