YouTube reaches to 1 billion monthly users

Google Inc's video-sharing site YouTube has announced that the number of unique users visiting it every month has cross 1 billion.

Announcing the new milestone, the YouTube team said that nearly half of all Internet users are visiting YouTube every month to watch everything from small clips of cute puppies to depressing scenes of social unrest around the globe.

In other words, 1 in every 7 people on the plant or 14.7 per cent of the whole world population is visiting YouTube every month.

Volkswagen’s Chinese arm to recall cars over gearbox complaints

Volkswagen China, the Chinese arm of carmaker Volkswagen AG, has announced its decision to recall an unspecified number of cars to fix potential issues with the vehicles’ direct-shift gearbox systems.

The announcement of the recall was made after it received a notification from China’s quality watchdog, which reportedly found substandard direct-shift gearbox systems in the vehicles.

The substandard gearbox systems can cause unintentional acceleration, which can cause accident.

China refutes allegation of cyber-spying as U.S. plans to launch counter-attack

China has refuted allegations that a Shanghai-based unit of its Army has stolen hundreds of terrabytes of information from U. S. firms.

Computer security firm Mandiant recently accused the Chinese military Unit 61398 of stealing state and industrial sensitive information from 140 U. S. companies.

As expected, the Chinese authorities refuted the allegation, citing lack of any hard legal evidence.

China’s Zhejiang Geely buys Manganese Bronze, safeguards 107 jobs

Chinese car manufacturer Zhejiang Geely on Friday confirmed that it purchased world-famous London black cabs maker Manganese Bronze, which had slipped into administration last year.

Geely, which already owned nearly 20 per cent of Manganese Bronze, acquired the remaining the business and its assets through its newly established British subsidiary Geely UK, for £11.04 million.

The deal safeguarded all 107 of the British production jobs in Coventry.

US software developer caught outsourcing his job to Chinese developers

Security auditors of a US critical infrastructure firm were alarmed when they spotted frequent unexplained logins from China into the company's virtual private network.

The first thought that struck their minds was that a Chinese hacker was breaking into the company's network almost daily by using an employee's RSA key.

Fearing that a hacker from China had been stealing the company's secrets worth millions of dollars, the critical infrastructure company immediately called in Verizon investigators.

China Labor Watch Advises Samsung on Underage Worker Investigation

In an email follow-up to its recent report on the apparent exploitation of workers at the Samsung Electronics' China-based parts supplier HEG Electronics, watchdog group China Labor Watch (CLW) has offered Samsung some advice on how to effectively conduct its investigation at the Chinese facility.