Rise of social media in China will lead to liberalization: Eric Schmidt

Rise of social-networking platforms/social media will make the Chinese government powerless and lead to liberalization, according to Google Inc Chairman Eric Schmidt.

Mr. Schmidt said as more and more people would go online in China the country's government would become powerless to stop the changes, which would lead to liberalization. Mr. Schmidt was speaking at a conference organized by independent policy institution Chatham House in London.

He said the Chinese government passed harsh regulations on use of social media because they were obsessed with the Internet.

Samsung apologizes to Chinese customers for faulty devices

South Korea-based smartphone maker Samsung has apologized to its Chinese customers for inconvenience caused by its faulty devices.

A broad number of customers in China have complained that their Samsung devices crashed because of defective memory chips. Many others went so far as to claim that the company's repair policies are not customer-friendly.

Responding to severe criticism by customers and nationwide media reports about faulty smartphones, the company issues a statement apologizing to customers and claiming that the issue was due management problems.

Foxconn breaches its own labour policies

Chinese manufacturer Foxconn has reportedly admitted that it breached its own labour policies using forced labour as part of its PlayStation 4 (PS4) manufacturing operation.

Citing reports published in Hong Kong's Oriental Daily, GamesInAsia website reported that Foxconn forced thousands of student 'interns' from the Xi'an Institute of Technology to work overtime and in night shifts.

The report also revealed that the students were working at the controversial manufacturer's Yantai plant that has gained the contract to assemble Sony's latest game console.

China to get new iPhones on Sept. 20

Apple fans in China will be able to get their hands on the latest iPhone on the same day as consumers in the United States, Europe and Japan.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has confirmed that it would launch the iPhone 5S and lower-cost 5C will be made available in China on September 20, the same date on which the United States and other global markets will get the new handsets.

Previously, Apple used to make launch its new handset in China nearly a quarter after its launch in the United States.

ZTE Open to be available exclusively on eBay in U.K. & U.S. markets

Chinese manufacturer ZTE's new Firefox OS-based smartphone, the ZTE Open, will only be available through e-commerce site eBay in the U. K. and the U. S. markets.

The ZTE Open, which is already on sale in Spain, Venezuela and Colombia via telecommunications giant Telefonica, runs apps written in the web-based HTML5 language and not on an exclusive company-owned platform.

Consultancy firm Ovum's chief telecoms analyst Jan Dawson said that ZTE's decision to sell the Open through eBay showed that most carriers around the globe aren't yet ready to sell Firefox OS-based devices.

Intel joins hands with China's Baidu to set up innovation lab

Intel Corporation has partnered with Chinese search engine Baidu to set up a new joint innovation lab for developing mobile apps for China’s fast-expanding mobile Internet market

The innovation lab is part of a deal signed by the two sides on Thursday this week.

The deal will provide Chinese developers with access to Intel technologies, including personal computers, tablets, and mobile phones, to test & port software for various Baidu and Intel platforms.