Government trade union to mediate shoe factory strike

A government union has said that it will mediate a labour dispute involving workers of a show factory in China.

A fifth of China's soil is contaminated, report

According to a new study by the authorities in China, about a fifth of country’s soil is contaminated indicating that the government has to take steps to control environmental impact.

China’s economic growth slips to lowest since Sep. 2012

The pace of China's economic growth in the first quarter of this year slipped to its lowest level since September of 2012, suggesting persistent weakness in the world's second-largest economy.

China Operating System aims to break foreign companies’ monopoly

China's homespun operating system, China Operating System (COS), aims to break the monopoly that foreign operating systems are currently enjoying.

COS, which has been developed by the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in partnership with Shanghai Lian Tong Network Communication Technology Inc, will compete with well-established Google's Android and Apple's iOS.

China launches homegrown mobile OS

In a bid to tackle the increasing influence of foreign mobile operating systems, China on Thursday announced a homegrown OS called China Operating System (COS).

The COS was developed by China's Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shanghai Liantong in partnership with the government.

Announcing the new OS for customers across the country, China's Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences said COS was poised to take on Android and iOS.

Chinese phone maker Meizu reveals intention to enter the U.S. market

Little-known Chinese handset manufacturer Meizu has revealed its intention to enter the U. S. market, saying there is a room in the American market for another player.

Meizu said it should not be taken lightly when it comes to manufacturing high end smartphones, which was the case with most Chinese manufacturers. It added that it had plans to preview its various smartphones at CES 2014.