CATL to acquire Canada’s Lithium Mining Co. to meet soaring demand for EV batteries

CATL to acquire Canada’s Lithium Mining Co. to meet soaring demand for EV batteries

Contemporary Amperex Technology Company Limited (CATL), a Chinese manufacturer of EV batteries, has announced plans to acquire Canadian Lithium Mining Company for almost $300 million.

Tax Burden on Canada’s Labour is Low but On the Rise

As the deadline for paying taxes approach swiftly many people are getting worried about the huge amount which the government usually takes from the salaried people.

In the matters of taxes the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has certain good and bad news.

The initial bed news is that the taxes to be paid by the Canadians are moving up.

Music service Songza launches ad-free version Club Songza

Music-streaming service Songza has announced a new feature called "Club Songza" that will provide ad-free music experience for a nominal cost.

Club Songza is a subscription-based service that will provide users with an ad-free music-streaming and recommendation service for $0.99 per week.

Songza has already started sending emails to its most loyal users in the United States and Canada to encourage them to sign up for the new subscription-based service.

BlackBerry least wanted smartphone: survey

When it comes to choose a smartphone, Blackberry is the least desired, according to a fresh survey.

In the survey, which was conducted by Raymond James, people were asked which phone they would like to buy from the list of Blackberry, Android, and iPhone next time. The survey found a whopping 71.4 per cent people saying that they would never choose a BlackBerry.

Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple's iPhone once again emerged as the most popular handset, with just 19.7 per cent of the people surveyed saying they would never use this smartphone.

BlackBerry receives order for 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry has claimed that it has received an order for 1 million BlackBerry 10 devices from one of its established partners.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based company said in a statement that the order for 1 million devices - the biggest order in the company's history - was a tremendous vote of confidence in its new BlackBerry platform.

Leg ulcers can get healed with 'spray-on skin'

Researchers from US and Canada state that healing could be aided by a `spray-on skin' that acts by coating a wound with a layer of skin cells.

About 228 people who had leg ulcers had the spray tested on themselves and these wounds were painful and they can be there for months together.

It was stated that the chances of these wounds getting healed were more with the spray and the healing process was also faster.

Keeping the cost of the spray aside, money can be saved with faster healing, according to experts.