Spanish electric scooter brand “Silence” opens UK flagship store in Birmingham

Spanish electric scooter brand “Silence” opens UK flagship store in Birmingham

Barcelona, Spain-headquartered two-wheeler manufacturer Silence, which boasts specialization in e-Moto scooters, has announced the opening of its first store in the United Kingdom.

Lamb curries, kebabs often contain other meat

The Foods Standards Agency (FSA) has admitted that there need for a renewed effort to deal with the persistent problem of mislabelling of food products.

The FSA recently found that 43 out of 145 samples of lamb takeaways, mostly curries or kebabs, were wrongly labelled. Twenty-five of the samples were found to be containing only beef, which is cheaper than lamb.

Hospital to be sued after a girl dies like an ‘abandoned animal’

According to Paula Stevenson, following a heart surgery in 2009, her 13-month-old daughter died like an animal that is abandoned.

In the USA, there is something called rapid response team, it means that families of patients are given an urgent second opinion and Stevenson called for this to be introduced in UK hospitals also.

It was stated by a coroner that if Hayley Fullerton was admitted to intensive care then there would have been better chances of her surviving.

Crystal Clear Idea for Invisibility Cloaking

Researchers have demonstrated a simple technique that renders objects invisible using calcite, a common crystalline material.

At the University of Birmingham David Gregory Midlands Today science correspondent demonstrated Calcite accomplishes this based on the idea of guiding light waves in such a way that waves from a hidden object do not reach the eye.

Numerous sky-gazers couldn’t experience 2011’s first solar eclipse

Sky-gazers in Birmingham failed to experience the first solar eclipse of this year on Tuesday as dense clouds blocked the dramatic spectacle.

The majority of the country remained wrapped in dense clouds as the Moon was passing between the Earth and the Sun.

The Newcastle Astronomical Society had installed telescopes and recording equipment at St Mary's Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to record the dramatic sight, but members were left disappointed after clouds smashed their plans.

Man Mistakenly Diagnosed with cancer sold His Possessions

Call in hilarious or shocking or both, but it is true! Malcolm McMahon was diagnosed with terminal cancer by doctors and was told that has a mere six months to live. Learning the devastating news, he sold his precious assets.

However, after that he was told that he was not dying. Hospital tests conducted after three months found that he never even had the disease.