Brussels to ban L1 and L2-classed scooters in 2028 to pave for EVs

Brussels to ban L1 and L2-classed scooters in 2028 to pave for EVs

Following the footsteps of many other European cities on the path to achieve zero emissions, Belgium’s capital city Brussels has announced plans to put a ban on fossil fuel-powered scooters in 2028

Discovery of worm mile below Earth opens up new possibilities

Halicephalobus mephisto, a new species of roundworm has been found deep in the earth, a mile below the Earth’s surface. This discovery has opened up new possibilities of existence of life in those places where earlier it was thought that only bacteria and other like organisms could exist. Researchers, led by Gaetan Borgonie of Belgium’s Ghent University said that these results reveal that the deep ecosystems are in reality more complex than what one expects them to be.

Belgians Vote After Argument on Dividing Country

The Belgians in a parliamentary election, voted for a Government that could possibly shift towards division of the country and this would help to restrain the third-highest debit ratio in Europe.

Supporting the steady closure of Belgium, The Flemish separatist N-Vad, is estimated to be the principal party in Dutch-speaking Flanders and probably the Country.

De Morgen, the Dutch-language newspaper said “The ballot box question is not whether but by how much the N-VA will win”.

Speculation regarding comeback of Justine Henin

A well-known Belgian newspaper has reported that Justine Henin might finally be heading her way back to the WTA Tour, after Kim Clijsters.

Sources close the matter said: "Her decision to make a comeback is almost definitive. As of January, 2010 "Juju" will be back on the tour."

The newspaper clearly reported that the player is getting ready for the exhibition matches in Charleroi and Dubai later this year.

But, as per the former coach of Henin, Carlos Rodriguez, these might just be rumors and he does not believe them.