Adam Crozier

ITV hopes World Cup to lift ad revenues by up to 13%

ITV hopes World Cup to lift ad revenues by up to 13%

ITV chief executive Adam Crozier has expressed hope that the football World Cup in Brazil could lift the company's advertising revenues by up to 13 per cent later this year.

In the three months ended March 31, the commercial broadcaster suffered a fall in the number of viewers, while revenue growth missed analysts' expectations.

ITV considers takeover of Five under new leadership

ITV is mulling over plans to takeover rival broadcaster Five as it is ready to increase stake in production companies under the leadership of its new chief executive Adam Crozier, who will join on Monday.

ITV and loss-making Five have already pursued discussions on the link-up in the past and these discussions could be revived under ITV’s new leadership.

But, advertisers may become uneasy due to ITV’s domination of commercial television.

ITV appoints Royal Mail boss Adam Crozier as CEO

The appointment of former postal service Royal mail boss Adam Crozier as ITV’s new chief executive has raised many eyebrows.

The appointment of Adam Crozier has indicated that ITV chairman Archie Norman has plans to bring some big changes at the broadcaster.

Analysts believe that execution is the key to ITV's success in the rapidly changing media industry.

Wages worth 1 Million Pound Earned by Crozier Last Year

According to figures revealed by Tonight Show which is broadcast on ITV1, Chief Executive of Royal Mail, Adam Crozier received wages worth a whopping ?1 Million last year alone. The huge figure earned, despite the crunching economic situation, has made him the 2nd highest earning executive in the public sector.

In times when postal strikes over wages and benefits have been causing trouble for a long time now, Crozier's pay figures have shocked everyone. Taking over an exact pay check of ?