Ethics could impact Musk’s Mars colonization plan

Ethics could impact Musk’s Mars colonization plan

Lately, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has publicized his plans on Mars colonization.

Ocearch discovers white shark nursery in famous waters off Long Island

Ocearch discovers white shark nursery in famous waters off Montauk, Long Island

Ocearch said that its latest discovery is the most significant one it has ever made. It has found the first known birthing site for great white sharks on the North Atlantic Coast.

Fat Face aims to raise £110 million through IPO

Fashion retailer Fat Face has announced its decision to launch an initial public offering (IPO) on the London Stock Exchange later this month that could value it at up to £440 million.

Comet Panstarrs to appear above the western horizon

Comet Panstarrs, which was first discovered in June 2011 from Hawaii, will likely become visible in the skies above western horizon, starting from Friday to Saturday evening.

The comet will be seen just a few degrees above the western horizon at dusk. On Sunday, March 10, the comet will reach its closest point to the sun. It will remain visible in different parts of the world up to March 15.

Inspiration Mars Foundation aims to send humans to Mars in 2018

The Inspiration Mars Foundation, a nonprofit group established by multimillionaire Dennis Tito and others, is aiming to send humans to Mars before the government.

Tito, the world's first space tourist, and others behind the project have plans to send two humans to Mars sometime in 2018.

Experts from the Inspiration Mars Foundation used the recently held Institute of Electronics & Electrical Engineering (IEEE) aerospace conference in Big Sky, Mont., to present the conclusions of a Mars mission-feasibility study.

The world’s smallest known fly - Thailand native Euryplatea nanaknihali

In the July 2012 issue of the journal Annals of the Entomological Society of America, scientists have detailed the world's tiniest known fly --- the Euryplatea nanaknihali, which is a minuscule, parasitic native of Thailand.

The Euryplatea nanaknihali fly - discovered by Brian V. Brown, curator of entomology at Los Angeles County's Natural History Museum - was collected as part of the Thailand Inventory Group for Entomological Research, a project that involved the participation of over 100 scientists from all over the world.