Sir Bruce Keogh’s report uncovers mediocrity rather than

Jeremy Hunt has been accused by doctors of using patients' death to make political capital after mediocrity was uncovered instead of disaster by Keogh report into 14 hospitals with high death rates.

Patients were not getting good-quality care by hospitals that were investigated, according to Keogh's report. The report also stated that 14 trusts were told to act on recommendations decided by health officials.

A&E closed at birthplace of NHS by Jeremy Hunt

NHS' heart was ripped off by the Health Secretary as he was accused of risking several lives after shutting down the A&E unit at its birthplace. What's more, he did not even inform the local MP.

Without alerting the local MP, Jeremy Hunt announced closure of a vital department at the Trafford General Hospital and this led to a fury.

Health bosses had stated that services in Greater Manchester had to be redesigned but he seem not to pay any heed to this.

They even stated that the A&E department treated only seven people on an average per day at its busiest hour.

British scientists develop test for mothers-to-be for post-natal depression

British scientists have created a £10 test that gives advance warning of post-natal depression.

Women will be able to take early retirement and this will avoid the illness from taking hold.

Depression affects one in seven mothers and this can lead to their children bearing serious consequences.

There have been cases of new mothers either killing themselves or their babies.

Food taste is influenced by cutlery

Scientists have stated that colour, shape and weight of cutlery can influence the flavor of food.

Some volunteers were given white and pink yoghurt too taste and scientists saw that when white yoghurt was eaten with a white spoon, volunteers called it more sweeter and expensive than the pink one.

When volunteers were made to taste the same variant with a black spoon, people preferred the pink one.

White yoghurt tasted sweeter and better even with a blue spoon, researchers saw. A light plastic spoon as compared to a weighted heavier one also made yoghurt taste better.

Breast cancer risk reduced by daily drug plan

A new guidance from doctors state that a cheap course of drugs should be administered to about half a million women who are healthy but are exposed to a risk of contracting breast cancer in order to reducing their chances of getting affected.

It has been stated by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence or NICE that celebrities like Sharon Osbourne and Angelina Jolie have chosen the alternative therapy to surgery, £120 five-year `pill-a-day' course of tamoxifen or raloxifene.

First baby born using 'safer' IVF method

A safer method of infertility treatment IVF has been used for the first time ever and this has led to the birth of a healthy baby.

The baby conceived with the help of a natural hormone that helped kick-start his mother's ovaries, is now about eight-weeks-old.

It was stated by UK doctors at Hammersmith Hospital and Imperial College London that many women can be benefited using the Kissepeptin treatment.

A fatal complication that is seen with the old-way of doing IVF is also avoided with the latest technique.