Google, Yahoo, Facebook now using “harder-to-crack” codes

Tired of NSA's controversial snooping programs, Silicon Valley tech giant like Google, Yahoo and Facebook are now using "harder-to-crack" codes.

According to a recently published Bloomberg report, Google and other online firms have strengthened their encryption tools to shield online customer data like e-mail and social media posts from government snooping.

The report also claimed that strengthened encryption tools of the aforementioned firms are so strong that no government agency would be able to crack them until 2030.

Children might not get meningitis vaccine

According to immunization experts, UK children whould not be given a vaccine that protects against a potentially deadly form of meningitis.

A draft statement was released by the independent panel, which advises the Government on which vaccines should be offered in the UK, and it stated that the vaccine providing treatment for meningitis B should not be allowed.

The decision has managed to put off the meningitis charities and it stated that about 73 per cent of meningitis cases could be solved with the vaccine.

Shortage of consultants puts A&E in crisis

MPs have stated that high-quality care is being compromised as over 80 per cent of emergency and accident cases don't have adequate consultants to attend to them for about 16 hours a day.

According to the Commons health select committee, there is a recruitment crisis being faced by medics at the emergency departments in hospitals as the doctors are less and workload is more and this is putting off young doctors.

World awaits Royal baby’s first peek

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been blessed with a baby boy and the entire world seems to be waiting to get a glimpse of the baby.

It is expected that the Royal couple would meet the media with their son after they leave the hospital, along with their well-wishers.

People also want to know the name of the baby as he is third in line to the throne.

The Duchess of Cambridge delivered the baby boy at 4.24pm on Monday. The baby boy weighed 8lb 6oz at birth, with Prince William at his wife's bedside at the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital in London.

Scottish skin cancer survival rates highest

A new report has stated that skin cancer will now be survived by eight out of 10 men and nine out of 10 women who are suffering.

Cancer Research UK chipped in that the disease was barely survived by about 58 per cent men and 78 per cent women about 30 years ago.

The charity added that knowledge about symptoms, better treatment and timely diagnosis are the reasons for Scotland's improved survival rates.

Progress is expressed by its latest poster campaign but still there is a room for improvement.

There are serious side effects of cancer

A new report has stated that serious medical side effects are experienced by one in four cancer survivors like pain, osteoporosis and heart disorders.

As compared to women who have not suffered from breast cancer, women who have, have more chances of having a heart failure. Similarly, men who have had prostate cancer have more chances of suffering from brittle bones disease called osteoporosis.