UK children start their day with breakfast of biscuits, crisps sometimes only cigarette

Healthy breakfast is deemed necessary for proper growth and health of children. All medical experts recommend that parents should provide nutritious and wholesome breakfast to children. But recent study revealed that British children start their day with junk food.

According to a survey, 15 percent of the children start their day with crisps, sweets and fizzy drinks for breakfast. Children spend around £646 million on buying biscuits, cake and meat snacks on their way to school.

New EU rules ban marketing of sugar-rich cereals with bogus health claims

As per the new European Union (EU) rules, there will be a ban on sugar-rich breakfast cereal firms and other manufacturers with regard to marketing their products as health foods, thereby preventin

“Fat blind” Britons unaware of how “big” they have become!

According to a recent research by WeightWatchers, Britons have a so-called "fat blindness" over the state of their health, in spite the explicit fact that, on an average, they are showing an almost one-pound increase in weight every year!