Missing Icelandic gambler may have been murdered for losing another man’s cash in Dublin: Informant

Missing Icelandic gambler may have been murdered for losing another man’s cash in Dublin: Informant

The Icelandic man who had vanished in broad daylight at the Dublin Poker Festival in February last year was probably murdered following an argument over the loss of another person’s money in a high

Police arrest three suspected internet 'hacktivists'

Three people, suspected to be member of Anonymous hacker group were arrested by the Spanish police on Friday. The three were accused of organizing cyber crimes against the websites Sony Corp, banks and governments.

However, they have not been accused of the recent massive hacking of PlayStation gamers. They were also accused of launching cyber assaults on Spanish banks Bankia and BBVA, and also against Italian energy group Enel SpA. Termed as hacktivists, these people hack the cyber accounts of many banks, businesses and also gaming companies.

CCTVs help Metropolitan Police Service crack six crimes a day

Britain’s Metropolitan Police Service cracks an average of six crime cases every day using CCTV cameras.

Using CCTV cameras, the Metropolitan Police Service identified 2,512 suspects during 2010, up from 1,970 suspects in the previous year. Those identified using CCTV cameras include, 574 robbery suspects, 427 burglary suspects and 23 suspected sex offenders.

Detective chief inspector Mick Neville said that they were treating CCTV images like fingerprints and DNA to identify suspects.

US man charged of felony for reading wife’s email

Leon Walker, 33 of Michigan is facing felony charges of computer misuse after he read his wife’s email, in which he learned of his wife’s infidelity.

Prosecutors have charged him of felony after he logged onto a laptop in the home he shared with his wife, Clara Walker. If he is convicted in the trail, which will begin on February 7, could face a sentence of upto five years.

Cyber criminals attacks free speech online, report

According to a new study by Harvard University's Berkman Center for Internet & Society, hackers and other online criminals are increasing targeting Human rights group and campaigners online and are restricting free speech online.

Bridge crash lorry driver released on bail

Police arrested and later released a 28-year-old man on bail for driving without due care and attention.

The 28-year-old lorry driver from Colchester who crashed the vehicle into a bridge on the A120 was arrested in Suffolk. Officers have been investigating the incident while he has been released on bail until 4th of January.

Police was informed at around 5.30pm on Friday after the lorry carrying a large excavator crashed into the bridge causing concrete to collapse onto the road. But, the lorry kept on running on to the A12 towards Ipswich.