ACC to receive €437 million to build battery gigafactory

ACC to receive €437 million to build battery gigafactory

Automotive Cells Company (ACC), a joint venture (JV) between PSA Group (Stellantis) and energy giant Total, is going to receive substantial funding to build a massive electric vehicle (EV) battery

Firms to pay £10m for the Buncefield blast

French energy goliath, Total must make a payment of £6.2m for deteriorating its promise to safeguard workers and the public from the 2005 explosion.

Hertfordshire Oil Storage Limited is expected to shell out £2.4m and British Pipeline Agency Ltd must make a payment of £780,000.

Moving ahead with the list of defaulters is yet another name entailing that is TAV Engineering Ltd and Motherwell Control Systems which were informed at the St Albans Crown Court that they must shell out £1,500 each.

Buncefield fire investigation

The fuel depot at Buncefield caught fire during December 2005 which was known as the UK's major inferno.

The Oil Storage Terminal known by the name of Hertfordshire, HOSL entailed approximately 2.37 million metric tons of oil products during a year chiefly for petrol, diesel and aviation fuel distributed by the tankers and pipeline.

The depot was managed in the year 1968, and is external to the town of Hemel Hempstead, 40km to northwest of London and off the hectic M1 motorway, which was shunted two times due to the fire.