Plug-ins grab 21.5% share of French automobile market in September 2021

Plug-ins grab 21.5% share of French automobile market in September 2021

The French automobile market suffered a decline of more than 20 per cent in sales in September 2021, but the plug-in segment of the market jumped to a new high.

Renault achieved its 2010 sales prediction

Renault informed that the elevated third-quarter sales and revenue, and revised rising its prediction for international car sales this year.

The French carmaker, which also manufactures vehicles by its Romanian Dacia and South Korean Samsung Motors associates, stated out on Wednesday that its sales increased 5.7 % in the 3 months to the end of September to 591,855 units, backed by tough international growth.

Renault releases images of revamped Laguna

A revamped version of the Renault Laguna will be showcased at the upcoming Paris Motor Show ahead of its UK debut in November.

Renault has released some pictures of the new Laguna. In the released pictures, the Renault Laguna looks sharper and sportier at the front, which makes it more attractive that the previous version.

Interior features have also been driven up. The company claims that the new version comes with the highest level of quality, reliability as well as safety.

Renault-Nissan Appoints Jim Press as Consultant

The Renault-Nissan alliance has appointed Jim Press as its consultant for sales and marketing projects. Jim Press has earlier worked with Toyota Motor Corp and Chrysler.

Jim Press, 63, was the first non-Japanese who was appointed in the Board of Directors for Toyota. He has worked with Toyota for a long period of 37 years.

After Toyota, he worked with Chrysler LLC as its Vice-President.

"He's visited with our dealers in the States, Europe and Japan and has already begun providing substantial input", said Simon Sproule, the Director of Communication.

Renault’s Latitude to be Unveiled in Paris

The Renault's new high-class, Latitude will make its European debut at the Paris motor show in September.

The flagship Renault is larger than the Laguna and is devised to place comfort, convenience and class at the pinnacle of the agenda.

It is equipped with triple-zone air-conditioning, a relaxing driver's seat, a Bose stereo system and hands-free entry along with engine start.

Renault Unveils Final Production Models of Two Electric Cars on its Website

Renault has revealed the final product models of two new all-electric cars on its website. One of these models will be the foundation of the Better Place network in Israel.

It is reported that interested customers can now visit Renault's website and will be able to book the Fluence Z. E. sedan and Kangoo Z. E. van, online. Both the cars possess a hundred mile range. They will be made available to customers in 2011.