NHS struck by fresh cash deficit after 2015 election after budget freeze

According to the analysis to a top think-tank the general elections in the UK in 2015 will impose fresh financial crisis on the NHS as the budget freezes.

There are serious side effects of cancer

A new report has stated that serious medical side effects are experienced by one in four cancer survivors like pain, osteoporosis and heart disorders.

As compared to women who have not suffered from breast cancer, women who have, have more chances of having a heart failure. Similarly, men who have had prostate cancer have more chances of suffering from brittle bones disease called osteoporosis.

Sir Bruce Keogh’s report uncovers mediocrity rather than

Jeremy Hunt has been accused by doctors of using patients' death to make political capital after mediocrity was uncovered instead of disaster by Keogh report into 14 hospitals with high death rates.

Patients were not getting good-quality care by hospitals that were investigated, according to Keogh's report. The report also stated that 14 trusts were told to act on recommendations decided by health officials.

A&E closed at birthplace of NHS by Jeremy Hunt

NHS' heart was ripped off by the Health Secretary as he was accused of risking several lives after shutting down the A&E unit at its birthplace. What's more, he did not even inform the local MP.

Without alerting the local MP, Jeremy Hunt announced closure of a vital department at the Trafford General Hospital and this led to a fury.

Health bosses had stated that services in Greater Manchester had to be redesigned but he seem not to pay any heed to this.

They even stated that the A&E department treated only seven people on an average per day at its busiest hour.

Staff gagging orders consume £2m

It has been stated that an amount of £2m has been spent on over 50 gagging orders that bans staff from speaking out.

NHS chief Sir David Nicholson was accused by Tory MP Steve Barclay, who obtained the figures, of falling short of either asking either failing to ask questions about the orders or being `complicit in a cover-up'.

He further added that the entire culture of health services needed a change and following this, Sir David must stand down now. he is scheduled to retire next year.

People with chronic kidney disease don’t even know they have it

People who have chronic kidney disease should be diagnosed at an early stage, a report has highlighted.

The report has also stated that until the late stages of chronic kidney disease, it is not diagnosed and this brings down the chances of a patient's survival and costs the NHS in England more than £1.4 billion each year.

As compared to cancers like bowel, breast, lung and skin, according to NHS Kidney Care, kidney disease costs the health service more and it comes to about £1 in every £77 spent by the NHS goes in treating the disease and its complications.