German Government agrees to Lufthansa Package

German Government agrees to Lufthansa Package

The German government has agreed to rescue package for the second largest European airline Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

French Government offers loans and State-guaranteed funds to Air France-KLM

French Government offers loans and State-guaranteed funds to Air France-KLM

French government has announced support for Air France-KLM with nearly €3 billion in loans to the airline and €4 billion in state-guaranteed funds to keep the airline in business.

Lufthansa Pilots launch 4-day strike on Monday

As many as 4,000 Cockpit pilots at German flagship carrier Lufthansa went on four-day strike on Monday after failing to reach an agreement with the management.

Pilots resorted to strike in protest to company’s cost cutting measures, under which the company could slash the number of staff by moving jobs to its foreign subsidiaries such as Austrian airlines where remunerations are comparatively low.

Lufthansa seeks talks to forestall Cockpit pilots’ strike

Germany’s flagship airline Lufthansa is cancelling hundreds of flights from Monday to Thursday due to a planned Cockpit pilots' strike.

However, Lufthansa has said that it was ready to resume talks with the pilots’ union Cockpit in order to prevent the planned strike, which will disrupt traveling plans of the thousands of passengers. 

Lufthansa to acquire remaining 20% stake in BMI

German carrier Deutsche Lufthansa AG said it will buy the remaining 20 per cent stake in British Midland from the Scandinavian SAS group.

Lufthansa will pay SAS a total sum of 38 million pounds for the remaining 20 per cent BMI shares.

The German carrier will make an additional payment to SAS if it sells a portion or all of BMI within the next two years.

The deal would provide the German airline access to take-off and landing slots at the Heathrow Airport in London.

Lufthansa may sell BMI to Virgin

German airline Lufthansa is considering the sale of its loss-making subsidiary BMI after getting warnings of downgrade by the rating agencies.

Lufthansa, the second largest airline in Europe, owns 80 per cent of CASTLE Donington-based BMI.

Sunday Telegraph reported yesterday that Lufthansa may sell-off BMI in order to lift funds. Reports also indicated that Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic may purchase BMI.