Media Sector

Sky to roll out Anytime+ VOD service to Sky+HD customers on Oct. 26

Satellite broadcaster Sky has confirmed that its new Anytime+ VOD would be available to Sky+HD customers from Tuesday, 26th of October.

Sky’s Anytime+ VOD service, which is going to complement the “Sky+” and “Anytime push VOD” service, will bring more choice to customers by proving them with access to Sky Broadband network.

The upcoming service will allow users to download content from a frequently updating library to their television sets, and to watch that content whenever they like.

Online radio service Radioplayer to be launched in December

The Radioplayer, the single streaming audio player for BBC and commercial radio stations in Britain, will be launched in December this year.

The UK Radioplayer network, which was unveiled at the 2009 Radio Festival in Salford, will initially provide access to fifty channels. The number of available channels will gradually be increased to two hundred.

YouView Probe Ruled Out by UK Regulator

Virgin Media Inc. (VMED) and British Sky Broadcasting Group PLC (BSY) had opposed the idea of a joint venture which is likely to get Internet content and new video-on-demand to the television. However an investigation has been ruled out by U. K. communications regulator Ofcom into it.

The YouView TV Ltd would most probably come into play by the first half of next year. Complaints had been submitted against Ofcom which claimed the violation of the 1998 Competition Act.

ZenithOptimedia Raises its Forecast for Global Advertising Growth

Media buyer ZenithOptimedia is reported to have raised its forecast related to its advertising growth rate for this year to over 4.8 % from 3.5 %. The decision emerged following its recovery in the global advertising filed that fetched a huge momentum in the middle of the year.

"2011 is unlikely to be so strong [as 2010] as advertisers worry that government spending cuts will dampen consumer demand. It expects that total spend in 2010 will be £11.29bn and £11.58bn in 2011", a spokesman for Zenith was quoted as saying.

Zenith is owned by France-based Publicis Groupe SA (PUBP .PA).

YouView won’t be a hit: BSkyB

British pay television operator BSkyB has said that the BBC-backed YouView, which was formerly known as Project Canvas, will not be a hit.

Delia Bushel, the head of broadband & telephony at BSkyB, said in an interview with TechRadar that there would not be a huge demand for YouView as the upfront costs would likely to put several people off purchasing it.

Ms. Bushel said a YouView set-top box would cost over ten times as much as a regular Freeview box’s cost. She added that it should not be an off-the-shelf solution.

Virgin Media may bring Spotify to its subscribers

Rumors are swirling that broadband ISP Virgin Media is close to sign an agreement with Spotify to bring the European streaming music service to its subscribers.

A report published in the Telegraph has quoted an unnamed source close to Spotify saying that Soptify and Virgin Media are preparing sign a partnership deal.

According to the published report, “Spotify and Virgin Media are close to concluding a partnership deal. The finer details are not yet known, but Spotify will be offering new tools and content exclusively to Virgin customers as part of the arrangement.”