Media Sector

Sky to shut down UK Online service in mid-January

Sky's internet service UK Online will be shut down on 14th of January, 2011, a spokesperson for the company confirmed.

Sky spokesperson said that the company decided to shut down its second string ISP brand in order to concentrate on Sky Broadband that could higher quality and better value services.

The company said in a statement, "To better serve customers now and into the future we are going to focus all our efforts on Sky Broadband, which allows us to offer higher quality, better value services."

BBC iPlayer to be available to BT Vision subscribers

The success of the BBC iPlayer on Virgin Media's cable service as well as on games consoles PS3 and Wii have already proved that consumers are eager to access catch-up TV on their traditional TV sets.

Seeing the popularity of the iPlayer, internet service provider BT has also teamed the BBC to bring the iPlayer to BT Vision subscribers. The partnership to make the iPlayer accessible via the BT Vision IPTV service has been described as a `major advance'.

We7 Relaunch Offers Anticipation on Web Radio

The re-launch would have personalized internet radio as the main thing since Digital music service We7 is said to have switched its tactics in its fight with Spotify.

It’s been long that We7 had permitted its fans to play some good music on demand and now it has come up with this new offer of providing radio-style webcasts tailored to each user's tastes.

The strike hitting back

The audience to Friday’s Radio 4 news communiqué might not have identified it, however they were listening to somewhat pretty extraordinary the influx, for single day merely, of possibly the biggest-paid journalist in the past of the BBC.

Hulu Plus becomes ‘open to all’ service

Hulu has announced on Thursday that users will not need to have invitations for its subscription-based video service, ‘Hulu Plus’ as it has now become an open to all service.

The premium Hulu Plus service has been an invitation-only preview period since its launch in June. According to the company blog, the service will now add new content including back seasons of geek favorite ‘Battlestar Galactic’ and new shows like ‘The Event’.

Environmentalists criticize a new Channel 4 screening

Environmentalists in the major campaign groups are up in arms against a recently screened Channel 4 documentary called, ‘What the Green Movement Got Wrong’.

The documentary was presented by Stewart Brand and Mark Lynas. Like many other films, which have been screened on the channel, the new film it attacks the ‘lie’ of environmentalists and generally sides with the corporate agenda.