Media Sector

Pandora given a subpoena by federal jury

Pandora, the online radio service has received a subpoena from a federal jury. This grand jury is investigating into whether the smartphone applications that use information use them further for selling off to other advertisers and third parties.

After receiving the notice, Pandora said that this is not the first time that such a thing has happened. In the past too, publishers have been receiving subpoenas for sharing the information. Even in the case of iPhone and Apple Inc. the same thing happened.

Apple Launching New iPhone Ads

Apple has released its new TV ads for the iPhone. This ad has typically played up all its capability.

It has shown almost all applications it can run. The message that the ad has to deliver to the viewers that- ‘you are missing out on something great’. That means if you don’t have the device with you then you are undoubtedly missing something great. Though there has not been really a great change in the new set of ads, but the message is quite clear to its target audience. It has tried to show its advantages over the other phones as far as its service and features are concerned.

Netflix wants to come up with "House of Cards," series

Netflix is under negotiating with Internet companies and wants to sell them the rights of its upcoming series called the "House of Cards”. In the same, Academy award winning actor Kevin Spacey will be playing the lead role.

Estimates show that if the deal is struck then Netflix can get more than 20 million subscribers for its first 26 episodes. These 20 million are expected to come from the TV alone.

Lord Alan Sugar hired to save YouView

BBC along with other territorial broadcasters have come together to hire Lord Alan Sugar for saving the ailing YouView. It is a venture that looks into the business of Internet connected set-top box.

Till now, the company has already cost BBC £6 million because of persistent delays in the business and its execution.

That is the reason why Lord Sugar has been offered the post of Executive Chairman and has replaced Kip Meek, a senior broadcast figure. Kip departed after staying in the firm for a period of eight months alone.

New app that lets fans tune in to their own personalised radio

Good news for the music lovers. Now they can listen to personalized radio stations on their mobiles. This facility is given by new service. The user can listen even when they are not online.

This application is launched by music service We7. It is free of cost and in this the users are allowed to have a personalized radio station on their mobile phones. In addition to that, the users can choose the tracks of their desired artists to whom they would like to hear.

Jack Griffin leaves Time Inc. after six-month stint

The Chairman and CEO of Time Inc., Jack Griffin is about to depart from his post in the magazine publisher, half a year following his appointment to the job.

This alteration in the management got declared in a memo on Friday to the people who work for Time Inc. by the CEO of Time Warner Inc., Jeff Bewkes. Time Warner Inc. is a parent company based in New York.

According to Bewkes, the head of the magazine division is going to be an interim management committee till the time a permanent successor is selected.