Company Updates

OnLive introduces ‘Plus’ version of its OnLive Desktop service

After having introduced a `free' version of its new OnLive Desktop service - for streaming a Windows 7 desktop to an Apple iPad - in January, OnLive has now come up with the service's `paid' version, OnLive desktop Plus, which comes with additional features.

Apple OS X Mountain Lion introduces new Mac security feature dubbed ‘Gatekeeper’

The just-previewed Apple OS X Mountain Lion brings on a new Mac security setting - dubbed `Gatekeeper' - which will enable the users to prevent the OS from becoming laden with malware.

According to the details shared by Apple, the new `Gatekeeper' security feature of the OS X Mountain Lion - which was originally dubbed Mac OS X - will give users the ability to select the options from which they want the installs to be accepted.

Cisco appealing EC’s approval of Microsoft-Skype merger

In a Wednesday statement, bigwig networking equipment maker Cisco Systems said that it is appealing the European Commission (EC)’s unconditional approval to software giant Microsoft’s $8.5-billion acquisition of Internet-calling service Skype SA – a deal which closed in October 2011.

Stating that it does not oppose the Microsoft-Skype merger overall, Cisco said that its chief request to the General Court of the European Union would be to place conditions on the merger, such that Skype video-conferencing service would be required to operate with rival services.

Apple says Fair Labor Association has commenced Foxconn inspection

In a recent announcement, Apple revealed that the independent watchdog group, the Fair Labor Association (FLA), has commenced the inspection and on-site audits of the factories owned by the bigwig manufacturer Foxconn in China.

According to the information shared by Apple, the FLA inspection of Foxconn's China plants will include interviews of the company's employees about working and living conditions, including health and safety, salaries, working hours and communication with the managing authorities.

Facebook hit by a wave of criticism by users for new ‘Timeline’ feature

While introducing the new ‘Timeline’ feature in late September, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had said that the new profile will help the over 800 million users of the social network express themselves better and tell their stories more effectively, the feature has now garnered widespread criticism especially from users who are not keen on sharing their details with all and sundry.

Apple in talks with Canadian telecoms Rogers and Bell about possible TV set deal

Claiming that Apple is supposedly sourcing parts suppliers for it much-rumored HDTV project, a new report from Canada’s biggest national newspaper The Globe and Mail has revealed that Apple is currently in talks with two Canadian telecom firms, Rogers Communications and Bell Canada Enterprises, to strike an agreement for its expected TV set.