Company News

QinetiQ to sell its American arm for $215 million

Britain's defence group QinetiQ has confirmed that it has agreed to sell its American services division to the SI Organization Inc. for $215 million.

AstraZeneca’s acquisition will make lot of sense for Pfizer: says analyst

The recently published report about Pfizer's supposed interest in British drugmaker AstraZeneca has prompted many experts to predict that such a deal would make a lot of sense for the U. S. pharmaceuticals giant.

Wrongly Labelled Food Packs Lead to Recall of 96,000 Pounds of Hot Dogs

Kraft Foods has issued recall for 96,000 pounds of hot dogs nationwide due to wrong label on the product. The U. S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service on Sunday announced that Kraft has issue the nationwide recall as the company thinks that some of the Classic Cheese Dogs might have unintentionally being packed in packages meant for the Classic Wieners.

The Big Question: Is Corn Ethanol Actually Worth the Trouble?

Is the biofuel made from corn really helping the environment and the planet? That seems to be a big question now.

Activist investor Ader proposes new executive directors for Bwin’s board

Activist investor Jason Ader has proposed for election of four new directors to the online gambling firm Bwin's board, stressing that changes at the top level are tackle continuing fall in the business.

Wind Capital Group sells Wind Farm for $60m

Wind Capital Group, the U. S unit of NTR, has sold a wind farm for $60m in Oklahoma.

The system was sold to TradeWind Energy which is based in Kansas. This company works in alliance with Enel, the power giant from Italy. Through its strategic alliance Enel supports TradeWind by means of construction, turbine procurement and operations.