Investec thinking over sale of Rensburg

The South African based Investec expressed that it may sell of it's the fund management wing to its British unit Rensburg Sheppards, quoting interest from the number of latent buyers.

Investec has been augmenting its asset management business, and in the month of March it might buy the left over shares of investment manager Rensburg Sheppards, in which they had already made the stake.

The Investec group expressed that it may sell Rensburg unit Rensburg Fund Management, and had employed Fenchurch Advisory Partners to suggest on the potential deal.

According to the firm, the Fenchurch shall establish interest from the potential buyers and shall also mull over the possibility of keeping the company under its accessible ownership.

The Leeds established Rensburg Fund Management concentrate in U.K. equities and had 800 million pounds under management as of the end of May.