Biden to Raise Funds for Boxer’s Election

U.S. Vice President, Joe Biden will come to Silicon Valley on July 8 to gather money for Barbara Boxer’s re-election bid. Barbara Boxer is a Democratic Senator. Joe will also attend the money raising event in Los Angeles.

Barbara is getting an excellent money raising encouragement from the White House. Boxer has named her re-election as the fight of her career against Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett-Packard CEO. President Barack Obama has also come to the state twice to collect money for Boxer; Obama raised about $ 3.5 million for Barbara. Boxer is fighting the election for a fourth six-year term.

President and Vice President both are determined to avert the repeated defeat of the seat in Massachusetts. Everyone found it unbelievable to see the Scott Brown winning from this seat in the last election.

Boxer’s liberal record, anti- incumbent mood and poor economy has made her an easy target for Republicans; however, political experts are supporting Boxer.

Barbara had collected $9.7 million till May 19 while Republican Florina has raised an amount of $620,000. Florina has nearly $30 million to $119 fortune of her own. According to Senate Financial Disclosure records, more fortune of Florina will keep her advance in the money.