Volkswagen Launches New Economical Model

This Tuesday, Volkswagen AG has launched a new car called Volkswagen Jetta. The new car is larger and economical than the earlier model.

The new economical model has been launched in the wake of tough competition from Asian Companies.

The car was launched at Times Square in New York. Live billboards were a part of the occasion which also featured singer Katy Perry as she sang her hit numbers, including “I Kissed a Girl” and ‘California Gurls’.

Chief Executive of Volkswagen Group of America, Stefan Jacoby revealed that apart from being economical, the car is a pleasure to drive and convenient to operate.

VW is a popular brand throughout the world. However, it only has a selected consumer base. Last month, it occupied eighth position in the list of U. S. sales. In the first five months of the year, it registered an increase of 3.2%, which was better than the percentage last year, which was 2.8%. It was also seen that the newcomers like Hyundai have more sales than the Company.

Therefore, the Company is making attempts to go mainstream. In another move, the Company is also planning to reveal a new Jetta in October. This model will be costlier than the earlier one.