“Fat blind” Britons unaware of how “big” they have become!

According to a recent research by WeightWatchers, Britons have a so-called "fat blindness" over the state of their health, in spite the explicit fact that, on an average, they are showing an almost one-pound increase in weight every year!

The study says that the supposed "fat blindness" state prevents them from recognizing how 'big' they have become; thereby resulting in a situation where overweight may actually threaten their health. The study further reveals that showed that, in the last two decades, there has been an 18lbs increase in the weight of the average Briton thinking of going in for weight loss.

Statistically speaking the WeightWatchers firm said that during the course of two decades the average recorded start weights of all new members had progressively increased by more than 11 percent - from 12.3 stones in 1989 to 13.7 stones at present.

The firm, further revealed that in terms of Body Mass Index also, the reading for the average new member had shown an increase - from 29.2 to 32; thus implying that most new members are already obese at the time of joining WeightWatchers.

Commenting on the statistics, Mads Ryder, UK Senior VP for WeightWatchers said: "We're suffering from 'fat blindness', which is causing people to delay seeking help until they are significantly overweight. Where obesity was the exception, sadly it is rapidly becoming the rule."