Tenants to be protected from covert landlords

Landlord Assist, the nationwide tenant eviction and rent-collection company, has backed government’s proposal to offer greater protection for tenants.

A rising number of vulnerable tenants are facing eviction as their landlords falling into mortgage arrears.

Housing Minister John Healey has come up with a new proposal that dictates people renting from landlords who fail to inform banks that they are letting out their property will be able to stay in the house for two-month period after the house is repossessed.

At present, a tenant is immediately evicted in case a bank takes ownership of the property.

According to the government estimates, about 3,000 tenants could be evicted in this way this year.

Graham Kinnear, MD of Landlord Assist, said, “By extending the notice period to two months it provides tenants with breathing space and time to find alternative accommodation.”

As far as students are concerned, Eddie Hooker, CEO of mydeposits.co.uk said those students who stay in rented property are responsible for maintaining that property and are subject to get their deposits back if they keep their clean and undamaged.