South African President calls for lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe

South African President Jacob Zuma has called for the lifting of sanctions against Zimbabwe. Mr. Zuma is on a three-day official visit to Britain.

He said that lifting the sanctions against Zimbabwe is a necessary step towards resolving Zimbabwe's political crisis.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Zuma said, “It's going to be difficult [for the government] to get on with other matters if there are sanctions, because sanctions are one-sided.”

But, Britain’s approach to the Zimbabwe issue is different from that of South Africa. Britain, like other European countries, favors sanctions against Zimbabwe to remain for now, while South Africa wants them to be lifted.

Apart from Zimbabwe, football World Cup, climate change and the global economy will be discussed in Britain. South Africa is going to host football World Cup this summer, while Britain hopes to host it in 2018.

Mr. Zuma has three wives and he has brought his third wife, Thobeka Madiba Zuma, to Britain. It may be noted here that polygamy is an accepted part of Zulu culture.