BP joins DCS joint venture to accelerate adoption of EVs

BP joins DCS joint venture to accelerate adoption of EVs

British oil & gas giant BP has joined forces with BMW Group and Daimler Mobility as the third stakeholder in the Digital Charging Solutions GmbH (DCS) joint venture to further accelerate the growth of electrification of vehicles. BP, headquartered in London, has been offering support for electrification of mobility.

Each of the three companies holds an equal share of around 33.3 per cent in DCS joint venture, which provides charging solutions for Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It offers access to as many as 300,000 charging points in a total of countries. The joint venture partners will be able to use the DCS platform to offer their own services across Europe, such as “Mercedes me Charge,” “BMW Charging,” and “MINI Charging” to EV owners.

In Europe, DCS’ coverage is more than 85 per cent of the public charging infrastructure. However, most that coverage is through roaming between different individual charging networks.

Joining BMW Group and Daimler Mobility for the joint venture, BP said that the DCS works with leading OEMs to integrate its charging solutions into the vehicles’ operating systems and the OEMs’ digital ecosystems, and the company’s services are vital for the electrification strategies of the fast-growing automotive industry.

The oil & gas giant added, "To support the transition of businesses and fleets to electric mobility, business customers can expect access to a 360° solution for electric and hybrid fleets that includes new and innovative charging services beyond fueling, tolling and washing offers.”

In the first step, the partnership calls for integration of BP's charging networks in Europe into DCS' software system for retail customers and fleets. Then, BP and DCS will work together to launch the Plug & Charge feature to automate the process of identification, authorization and billing. It would allow users to charge their EVs without using RFID cards or a mobile app.

Richard Barlett, senior vice president of future mobility and solutions at BP, stressed that the partnership was part of the company’s efforts to make charging as convenient, fast, and reliable as refueling at the pump. He stressed again to state that the partnership would provide the company with a greater access to a much wider customer base.

With the joining of BP, the DCS network gets an additional 9,000 charging points across Europe, including the BP Pulse in the United Kingdom and Aral Pulse in Germany. The company aims to have more than over 70,000 charging points worldwide by the end of current decade.