EV charging network operator IONITY launches new ‘Ionity Passport’ tariff

EV charging network operator IONITY launches new ‘Ionity Passport’ tariff

IONITY, a high-power charging station network for electric vehicles (EVs) to facilitate long-distance travel across Europe, has announced the launch of a new tariff, called Ionity Passport. Ionity Passport, which will join the network’s previous one-off payment tariff called Ionity Direct, promises a less expensive charging option for EV owners who don't have any subscription provided by other Mobility Service Providers (MSP).

The price of Ionity Passport is €17.99 per month with a minimum required period of 12 months (including VAT), in addition to €0.35/kWh. Ionity Direct costs €0.79/kWh for EV owners without any contracts.

According to charging network operator, the Ionity Passport is the ideal tariff for all those who regularly travel long distances, in their home countries or abroad.

Announcing the new tariff, IONITY said, “Passports are for traveling – and so is the IONITY PASSPORT. IONITY PASSPORT is the ideal tariff for all those who frequently travel long distances, whether at home or abroad. With IONITY PASSPORT, you have full access to all charging stations in the European IONITY network for 12 months."

From the aforementioned rate, it is easy to understand that the new rate per kWh is more than twice lower than the previously available option. However, at €17.99 per month, the new tariff will require charging at least 41 kWh per month or more than 490 kWh per year to be on par. That is roughly ten fast-charging sessions. Thus, Ionity Passport will not be a better option than Ionity Direct for anyone who doesn’t use more than 490 kWh specifically at IONITY stations.

Moreover, a number of companies, including Audi, BMW, Ford, VW, Hyundai, Kia, MINI, Porsche, Skoda and Mercedes-Benz, are already providing the MSP. Thus, it is worth checking the available MSP offers before signing in for the new Ionity Passport. Companies like Audi, BMW and Ford offer various rates and terms, and typically provide some free starter pack to customers when they buy a new car.

Ionity is the result of a joint venture (JV) among BMW Group, Daimler AG, Ford, and VW group. Hyundai Motor Group joined the JV in November last year as its 5th shareholder. Despite being a privately funded JV, it has been awarded a hefty amount of €39.1 million from EU public funds to expand EV charging network across Europe. As of early October this year, IONITY had 370 fast charging stations, with a total of 1,487 individual chargers. A further 42 stations are currently under construction.