OEMs trying to go all-electric without ‘doing math’ fully: Tesla co-founder says

OEMs trying to go all-electric without ‘doing math’ fully: Tesla co-founder says

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are leaping into the electric vehicle (EV) space without calculating what is really takes to get the switch to EVs right, Tesla co-founder & former chief technology officer (CTO) JB Straubel warned.

Participating in a discussion with startup investor Jason Calacanis on his “This Week in Startups” YouTube show, Straubel said that some OEMs leaped into the EV space without assessing the several implications of switching from ICEs to EVs. He stressed that legacy automakers’ declaration of their complete dedication to EVs mightn’t essentially be realistic.

According to the Tesla co-founder & former CTO, several OEMs, countries, manufacturers and others are just leaping into the EV space and announcing huge electrification plans with doing the “math” fully.

Speaking on the topic, Straubel added, “So many different OEMs, countries, factories, and customers are leaping into EVs. Making these huge announcements, saying that they’ll be fully electric this decade or the next. They haven’t, I don’t think they’ve done the math fully. What that entails on the supply chain and tracing it all the way back, literally all the way back to the mines.”

The co-founder of the EV pioneer also pointed to the fact that problems like worldwide shortage of semiconductor chips are also on the rise due to unplanned shift to the EVs. It may be noted here that shortage of chips and supply chain constraints forced Tesla and many other major manufacturers to delay or ditch several of their EV projects.

He added that one must have the complete knowledge about the whole scenario, or one should at least know that he hasn’t really fully solved it. He stressed again to state that the current situation gave the impression of a giant overbooked flight. Explaining the analogy with the overbooked flight, he said that the passengers are the OEMs all of which want to go fully electric.

Straubel admitted that all want to enter the EV space at the earliest possible but a smooth transition would require proper time.

In a previous interview, he had admitted that he was very surprised in 2012 that OEMs didn’t make serious efforts to shift conventional ICEs to battery-electric cars, even after Tesla Model S proved that great EVs could be put against conventional fossil fuel-powered vehicles. Despite being a runaway hit with car reviewers, magazines and even customers, OEMs didn’t care to make the required shift to EVs.