What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

What Happens When Your Flight Gets Cancelled in the UK?

Flight cancellation happens more often than you think, due to several reasons. This may include adverse weather conditions, air traffic restrictions, security issues, missing aircraft or crew, and strikes, among others. Just recently, the COVID-19 pandemic was a huge factor for flight cancellations around the world. So, you have either faced this before or you likely know someone it has happened to.

Having your flight cancelled can be frustrating, especially when you are set for your trip in other areas. What then do you do? Do you just move on and pretend it never happened? Do you vent on someone or ask the airline to compensate you for flight cancellation?

How Does Compensation for Cancelled Flights Work?

If anyone could get compensated for any cancelled flight at the snap of their fingers, then you’ll probably not be reading this. While there might be laws in place on getting compensated, you must know some important things.

1. Know the Rules

You could get frustrated all you want and never get a dime to compensate for it if you never knew there was a law guiding that.

The first thing to know is the kind of flight that you can get compensation from. It has to either be a flight leaving from the UK, a flight arriving in the UK with a UK or EU airline, or arriving in the EU with a UK airline. If you fall into any of these categories, you are likely to get compensated. However, this compensation only works on two conditions; that your flight was cancelled less than 14 days to the day of departure and the replacement flight delays your arrival by two or more hours.

2. Know How Much You’re Entitled to

There isn’t a blanket amount for this, as it depends on several factors such as when the flight was cancelled, the distance of the flight, and the departure/arrival times of the rescheduled flight. You may not get compensated in cash if the airline informed you of the cancellation at least 14 days earlier but you can get a full refund or a rescheduled flight. The Flightright website further breaks this down so that you know the exact reward you are entitled to as a form of compensation.

3. Know the Exceptions

There are exceptions for when airlines don’t owe you compensation. This includes when the flight doesn’t take off from the UK or arrive in the UK and it’s not a UK airline either. Some flight cancellations are due to extraordinary circumstances beyond the airline’s control such as strikes or bad weather. In this case, the airline doesn’t owe you any compensation. You may also not get compensated if you checked in late for your flight or you got a free plane ticket.

Bottom Line

If you’ve ever gotten your flight cancelled or rescheduled, you should know how relieving it must be to be compensated for all that trouble. Knowing your rights puts you ahead and helps you get your coins.