Volkswagen offers advice on how to pass time during EV charging

Volkswagen offers advice on how to pass time during EV charging

Charging an electric car can take anywhere from some minutes to several hours, depending on a range of factors like the type of charger, the model of vehicle and weather conditions. Obviously, it is not easy to kill time while waiting for the vehicle’s exhausted battery pack to get replenished.

The Volkswagen ID.4 electric SUV claims to have a fast charging system but it also takes more than a couple of hours to get fully recharged. Of course, it depends on the various aforementioned factors. Thus, the German manufacturer of the ID.4 has offered some advice on how owners of the new electric SUV can pass kill time when their EVs remain connected to a charger.

VW has five suggestions for EV owners to pass the time while charging:

Rest & Relax: The manufacturer has suggested that one can give oneself a quick self-care break. The driver seat and the other front seat can be retracted to rest and relax. The six-way adjustable seats with power recline offer an unprecedented comfortable.

Move Yourself: According to VW, EV owners can use the charging time to stretch legs and go on a brief walk. It will not only kill time but also be beneficial for health in the otherwise hectic routine.

Enjoy In-Car Entertainment: The ID.4 electric SUV offers a lot of entertainment features. The SUV’s Car-Net Wi-Fi Hotspot is capable of streaming your favorite movies or TV shows on up to four compatible devices. There is no need to worry about getting distracted as the Electrify America mobile app will remind you when your EV will get charged to the desired level.

Indulge In A Massage: A massage is perhaps the most essential thing one needs after hours of driving. The ID.4 SUV’s front seats have built-in, 4-way massage lumbar (a premier feature). It can be taken a step further by activating the 30-color ambient lighting option to get a full sensory experience.

Stop & Shop: As most of Electrify America charging stations are located at gas stations, malls, grocery stores, hotels, outlet centers etc.; you can easily step inside a store to buy anything from groceries to cloths or you can enter a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee while your vehicle remains connected to a charger.

While many welcomed the helpful tips, some argued that it would potentially give the impression that EV charging is a lengthy as well as cumbersome task.