Spanish electric scooter brand “Silence” opens UK flagship store in Birmingham

Spanish electric scooter brand “Silence” opens UK flagship store in Birmingham

Barcelona, Spain-headquartered two-wheeler manufacturer Silence, which boasts specialization in e-Moto scooters, has announced the opening of its first store in the United Kingdom. Opened in Birmingham, Silence’s British store offers a number of electric two-wheeler models, including the brand’s S01, S02, S02 LS, and S02 LS Long Range.

The flagship S01 e-scooter comes with a price tag of £4,995 (roughly $7,000), while the S02 LS is the brand’s entry level e-Moto scooter that makes the buyer to fork out £2,695.00 (roughly US$3,800). The mid-tier e-scooters, viz. the S02 and S02 LS Long Range, have been priced at £4,695 (US$6,600) and £3,595 (US$5,050), respectively.

Silence has missed out on the recent e-scooter boom, but the Spanish brand is quite confident that its wide range of its e-scooters and second-to-none customer experience will attract a wide array of urban riders in the UK. Along with the S01 and S02 platforms, the U.K. flagship store will stock the full line of the brand’s accessories. The new location will also offer the services of sales associates and EV experts, who will help new riders or gas-powered scooter converts with answers to their questions.

At the launch of the new British store, Silence UK founder John Edwards said, “Whether you’re concerned by Low Emission Zone charges hitting your delivery business, looking to make a green step in your travel choice, or just want a neat alternative to crowded public transport after Covid-19, then going electric is for you.”

Edwards stressed that the opening of the new store was the right idea at the right time as the brand’s customers told them that they wanted simple, environment-friendly, convenient, and high-performance fully-electric riding solutions.

The British store was originally scheduled to be opened in January this year, but it suffered delays due to various reasons. The flagship store will join the brand’s expanding global network, including retail locations in thirteen European countries as well as stores in South Africa and China.

Since the onset of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic in March last year, people around the globe have increasingly been ditching public transportation in favor of electric two wheelers; and the UK is no exception to this trend. The Spanish e-scooter manufacturer Silence is making an effort to capitalize on this ongoing shift, and the opening of the British store is obviously part of that larger effort.