Tesla’s all-electric Model Y earns 5-star score in NHTSA crash tests

Tesla’s all-electric Model Y earns 5-star score in NHTSA crash tests

Tesla Motors electric compact crossover utility vehicle “Model Y” has earned an overall safety rating of 5 stars from the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the federal agency has confirmed.

According to the NHTSA’s crash test report for the Model Y, the Tesla EV knocked out 5-star performances in each and every crash test, including the 35-mph front barrier test and the 38.5-mph side-barrier test. In the 35-mph front barrier test, the Tesla Model Y earned a 5-star rating for the driver as well as passenger. In the 38.5-mph side-barrier as well as in the side-pole impact tests also, the EV scored 5-star ratings for the front-seat as well as the rear-seat occupants.

The federal agency also conducted tests for rollover risk, and the Tesla Model Y's risk percentage of 7.9 per cent was another 5-star result.

The NHTSA, which is a division of the Department of Transportation (DoT), also praised Tesla Model Y for coming equipped with its four recommended safety technologies, viz. lane-departure warning, dynamic brake support, forward-collision alert, and automatic emergency braking.

Tesla explained that it expected similar results for all Model Y variants, including the Performance all-wheel drive (AWD), and rear-wheel drive (RWD) variants in the future as the variants have been engineered to ensure safety of occupants in case of a collision. In the Model Y, Tesla engineers have distributed the crash forces around the cabin, away from occupants, which reduces the risk of injury.

Speaking on the topic, a spokesperson for the company added, “Additionally, Model Y’s structure now includes the world’s largest casting. Along with a fortified battery pack, these elements mitigate intrusion into the cabin, creating a robust safety cell with enough room for our advanced restraint systems to deploy and provide even more occupant protection.”

The Tesla Model Y, an electric compact crossover utility vehicle based on the Model 3 sedan platform, was unveiled in March 2019. It entered the production line at the company’s Fremont manufacturing plant in January 2020, and deliveries started in March 2020.

With the 5-star safety rating achievement, the Tesla Model Y joined many variants of the Model S. It may be noted here that the Model X and the Model 3 haven’t been rated by the NHTSA. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has yet to test the Model Y, although the Model 3 fared well in tests conducted by this agency, earning the Top Safety Pick+ accolade.