Gaming Giant Boyd Gaming Corporation announces nearly 300 layoffs

Gaming Giant Boyd Gaming Corporation announces nearly 300 layoffs

Paradise, Nevada-headquartered gaming & hospitality giant Boyd Gaming Corporation has revealed plans to further reduce its workforce, affecting nearly three hundred employees at two of its downtown Las Vegas properties, to cope with adverse economic conditions created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Providing details, Boyd Gaming said that a total of 284 jobs would be axed at two of its gaming properties in downtown Las Vegas, namely the California Hotel Casino and Main Street Station. The 284 employees will be discharged on 13th of November.

Announcing the new round of layoffs, the company acknowledged that the decision was a “direct result” of steep decline in number of tourists. The company explained that initially it hope that the deadly infection and the regulatory restrictions on casino operations would be short-lived, but the pandemic continue to persist with no foreseeable date for its end.

Commenting on the situation, Boyd Gaming said, “As we are all aware, the pandemic continues with no predictable date for its end. Because of the unforeseeable and dramatic continuing impacts of pandemic-related restrictions on our customers and our business, Boyd Gaming is giving as much notice as is practicable.”

A range of employees at Boyd Gaming’s two aforementioned gambling & entertainment properties, including dealers, waiters, custodians, and guest room attendants, will be impacted by the job cuts.

The new layoffs have been announced just three months after the gaming company slashed thousands of jobs because of the adverse business conditions and economic pressures created by the deadly corona virus pandemic. Those layoffs impacted nearly a quarter (25 per cent) of the company’s total workforce in ten states of the US.

It may be noted here that despite its name, Boyd Gaming’s California Hotel Casino is a Hawaiian-focused gambling & entertainment facility. Over the year, it has earned the reputation of being the leading venue for gambling and entertainment enthusiasts from the Aloha State.

Downtown Las Vegas and particularly the California Hotel Casino are very popular vacation destinations for Hawaiian tourists, who visit the Sin City to satiate their cravings for gambling as the controversial activity is illegal in Hawaii. As per a survey, nearly 10 per cent of Hawaii citizens visit the Sin City each year, with many of them visiting 2-3 times per year. Almost 90 per cent of them stay at Boyd gaming properties.