African betting industry is going through evolution right now: Sidick Bakayoko

African betting industry is going through evolution right now: Sidick Bakayoko

The African betting industry is going through an evolution right now and it is going to benefit from the new trends, Managing Director of Paradise Games Limited’s Managing Director Sidick Bakayoko said.

The SBC Digital Summit Africa explored a number of questions, including how the Covid-19 pandemic forced the gaming industry to explore new sectors. It also tried to explore the popularity and impact of esports on the betting industry.

Speaking on the topic, Mr. Bakayoko said the betting industry in Africa is right now going through an evolution. He explained that the way in which gaming enthusiasts can view and enjoy video games will change a lot in the coming years, which would eventually have a really positive impact on the betting industry of Africa.

He predicted a bright future for esports, which, according to him, will enjoy strong growth like the one enjoyed by the movie industry more than one and a half decades ago.

Predicting a bright future for the betting industry, Mr. Bakayoko said, “There are going to be a lot of changes in the way people can view video games and the way they can view regular entertainment. I think it’s going to have a positive impact on our industry, which is video gaming, as a whole. I think betting is going to benefit from the new trends.”

According to Mr. Bakayoko, Africa’s vast population and expanding middle-class will help the betting industry, particularly esports, to grow at a faster than previously expected pace. He added that he could see a real big parallel between what was seen in Europe and the United States.

Echoing Mr. Bakayoko’s views, Ghana Esports Association President Kwesi Hayford said that there is a strong craving for esports across Africa. He said the trend of betting or wagering has long been in the system of Africa, though in different forms. For instance, a lot of people in Ghana love to bet on two players playing. They place bets and say the winner who is able to stay in the match will take the money.

The SBC Digital Summit Africa was also used to discuss how Africa needs to be wise in treating its VIP or high-roller segment, which is expected to play a crucial role in the success of the budding gaming industry across Africa.