Missing Icelandic gambler may have been murdered for losing another man’s cash in Dublin: Informant

Missing Icelandic gambler may have been murdered for losing another man’s cash in Dublin: Informant

The Icelandic man who had vanished in broad daylight at the Dublin Poker Festival in February last year was probably murdered following an argument over the loss of another person’s money in a high-stakes cash game, an unidentified criminal currently in jail in Iceland has told authorities.

Jon Jonsson, a 41-year-old resident of Iceland, was last seen leaving the Bonnington Hotel in Dublin at around 11 am on 9th of February last year. He was captured by surveillance camera installed at the hotel. A video clip captured by the cameras shows him heading out along Swords Road before he disappeared into thin air.

The disappearance of the middle-aged Icelandic man resulted in urgent appeals from his family members as well as law enforcement officials for information about his whereabouts. News related to the man hit headlines in Ireland and the story received even more media attention in Iceland. The disappearance was totally out of character for the father of four. The baffled relatives of the man hired a private detective to find him. But, no one could find him.

Now, an unidentified criminal, who is serving his prison term in Iceland, has told authorities that Jonsson was killed accidentally by another Icelandic man who was also in the capital of Ireland at the time. The murder of Jonsson reportedly took place after the duo argued over money he had lost in gambling.

The inmate added that Jonsson wasn’t involved in criminal activities, but he had been entrusted with his murderer’s cash – an amount of more than €4,000 that was to be distributed among other gamers as tournament buy-ins. But, the victim got involved in gambling and lost the whole amount the night before his disappearance.

As per the unidentified prisoner’s account, Jonsson had tried to stop gambling and leave the gambling venue when he started to lose, but was persuaded by other gamers to continue gambling. All the gamers were described as “all foreign” nationals.

Jonsson had arrived in Dublin alone. His fiancée, identified as Jana Gudjonsdottir, had reportedly arrived later. Both had plans to enjoy a ten-day stay in the capital city. Gudjonsdottir told investigators that she also had an argument over trivial matter, after which she left for a restaurant to have a cup of coffee. When she came back, Jonsson had left the room, leaving his passport and mobile phone.

The Irish national police department (Guardians of the Peace of Ireland) said that its officers have been in contact with their Icelandic counterparts as the investigation into the disappearance of Jonsson remains open.