Online Sports Bettors don’t turn to Online Casinos during absence of sports: Research

Online Sports Bettors don’t turn to Online Casinos during absence of sports: Research

During the worldwide absence of sports events due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, regular sports bettors across Europe are not turning to online casinos to satisfy their itch to gamble, a new study published in the International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction revealed.

The study titled “Gambling Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic among European Regular Sports Bettors: An Empirical Study Using Behavioral Tracking Data” stated that no correlation was found between online sports betting and online casino services.

Researchers Michael Auer and Doris Malischnig concluded that European regular online sports bettors are not heading to other forms of internet gambling through online casinos even as the deadly corona virus pandemic led to a steep decline in the number of sports betting events. Researcher Auer belongs to a German data firm named Neccton, while researcher Malischnig works with the Office of Addiction and Drug Policy of Vienna. The University of Nottingham’s International Gaming Research Unit’s Mark D. Griffiths was also involved in the research.

Researchers Auer and Malischnig said that they found no conversion of money spent from online sports wagering to online casino games.

Concluding the study, researchers said, “The findings suggest that there was a significant decrease in the amount of money wagered by sports bettors during the COVID-19 pandemic (compared with before it) and that sports bettors did not switch to playing more online casino games and that there was also a significant reduction in playing online casino games among sports bettors.”

The research team based its conclusions on data provided by a big European online gambling operator that conducts operations in a number of European countries like Sweden, Finland, Germany and Norway. However, the study did not identify the online gaming operator.

The researchers made an analysis of customer accounts of a total of 5,396 sports bettors who placed a minimum of one online sports bet in 5 of the ten calendar weeks between 1st of January and 7th of March this year. They made a comparison between online casino gambling before sports were suspended and after April 30. They found that sports betters did not placed bets on internet slots and interactive table games through online casinos. In fact, they placed less bets after online sports came to a halt due to corona virus pandemic.

A number of sporting events that would have appealed to the online sports wagering enthusiasts in Sweden, Finland, Germany and Norway, have been deferred due to COVID-19 pandemic, including soccer and the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo.